Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about tradition. How people abruptly choose which part of tradition they’re going to follow and which parts they’re going to abandon, what I find confusing in many cases. I attended this pretty traditional wedding yesterday and I was wearing, oh-dear-god-no, a white dress. I thought that I was going to be shunned by society. An outcast! But I knew beforehand that the bride was not going to be wearing white, and I had this whitish cream-ish dress that I wanted to wear for an occasion like this since I realised that I’m out of occasion wear anyway. And here comes the first moral barrier – should you wear white to a wedding? Or black even? I’m aware that white in many cases does not represent the first choice of occasion wear for wedding guests, but in this case I went for a bold statement. I matched my pretty white dress with some statement accessories and I think they balanced the bridal-ish softness of the dress. And if my grandma didn’t have any objections, hey – why not.

Wearing: Inlovewithfashion dress//Topshop jewellery//Asos belt//Zara shoes


4 responses to “Oui/Non

  1. Prettycutewithatwist Hana! I also went against the tradition and wore black dress to a wedding, so hey, some traditions are meant to be broken. 😉

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