The apple doesn’t fall far from the fashionable tree

Do you remember the time you didn’t care much about the clothes you had on and your overall appearance? Yeah, a shocker, but I guarantee you those times existed and they aren’t called the dark ages. It was about the time when you were 3 or 5 or 7. Yes, back in the day, way back, but we all went through that phase. I’m pretty sure that Anna Wintour did pop out of her mother’s womb with a bob wearing a Carolina Herrera dress or Anna Dello Russo with a fascinator on her head and a half a ton of gold on her wrist.

When you’re a kid you just don’t care whether the hem of your dress is asymmetrical or the cut is a-line, if you have on a v-neck, racer back or bandeau top, if the colour of your pants is baby blue or mint. You only had two “fashion” choices to consider, off or on: “I’m hot, I’m taking something off,” or “It’s cold, mum, put something on.” But nowadays you walk into an H&M store and want half the things in the kids’ section – except for the Hello Kitty t-shirts. Those on 20-something girls are just SINFUL, let alone on 30-something trying-so-hard-to-be-but-failing-miserably “girls”, in which case the label should read Hello, pity!

Of course kids don’t dress themselves, they don’t know how to. And I’m not talking about knowing which pieces or colours work well together – they literally DON’T KNOW HOW to dress themselves, their motor skills aren’t quite there yet. But some of the drooling offspring are blessed with amazing maternal stylists, who clad their slobbering little sunshines in oh so fabulous attires making the adults drool too. The only real question is how can some mothers find the time and energy not only to dress themselves but also to cultivate future fashionistas when most of the mothers don’t seem to have the time to wash their hair or put on deodorant? Another one of life’s great mysteries, I guess.



Pics courtesy of Google, Intrigue Me Now, Monica Rose


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