Let’s do this

I’m having revolutionary thoughts lately.

For a young person, as you may have noticed it yourself, these haven’t been the most fabulous of times lately. There’s no hurry to finish with our schools or studies – there are no jobs waiting for you unless we’re brain surgeons. No one is Carrie Bradshaw here with some small column that brings in over 10.000$ a month. So the best you can do is to start something on your own. Or in our case – make your own pity party.

The world may have changed and the economy may not be at its most brilliant but there is a deep financial downside of being a fashion buff nowadays, even if you refuse to wear high priced labels. Even if there are just a few key pieces of the season that you set your mind on, the possibilities of getting all of them are getting smaller and smaller. Just a few days ago our pity party had a kind of a shopping spree through malls of our great city and at some point we realised that just for these few so called key pieces at economically priced stores, we could pay over 400 €, considering we want to buy boots, a trench and a few other fall/winter essentials.

It dawned on me – the change has to be done or we would live in our boots, handbags and lovely coats pretty soon not having anything else in our lives. Considering fashion is not my only priority and that I also like to travel, read, dine and wine, there’s got to be a way to make all of these things happen and look good in your clothes at the same time. We already have all these stuff that we’re craving, we really do – we have trenches, parkas and coats, winter boots of all kinds, there is no way we’re going to freeze this upcoming winter and we could definitely look cool too. But the thing is we forget and pity these old items as soon as we see the new ones that differ in some detail like studs and other embellishments, which we can do by ourselves in one afternoon of fun and creative work.

Don’t get me wrong – I absolutely love these rebel trash trends. But the thing with fashion trends is that they don’t necessarily reflect your personal style. And that’s what we’re trying to achieve with our clothing, isn’t it? And just maybe this punk trashion is perfect for times like this, because it has a hint of rebellion and it offers numerous possibilities of reinventing your wardrobe by yourself. Since you can order anything from eBay or Etsy, why not just ordering a couple of hundred studs of all kinds for 10 € and reinvent your t-shirts or shoes. Why not take a boring sweater and add some embellishments to its shoulders. Or cut off and cut out, pay someone to do it properly. Or just simply look very precisely into your closets and pull out some things that you have completely forgotten about.

That’s my new philosophy. Mostly because of the tough times we live in and also because of the rebel spirit – less new clothes, more awareness. The fabric of society is determined to brainwash people like me, people who love fashion, to completely reinvent their closets every year. Every year! Can you believe that? Do you even remember what was on trend 2 years ago? There is a big difference between fashion and fashion trends and I’m a firm believer in eternal style, which does not necessarily change when the new trend comes out.

So this is my/our next mission. It will only take one healing afternoon, a couple of glasses of Cedevita and some nerves, but we’re going to do it. It’s good to have a friend around when you’re reinventing your closet, for some necessary opinions and also for fun.

We’re going to post about our little experiment here so stay tuned!


2 responses to “Let’s do this

  1. Lovely! I could not agree more. I invested in a hefty pair of boots this season, and cried when over $500 left my bank account for them.. but I plan on wearing them for ten to fifteen years. I have a few things I’ve left in my closet that are magically on trend again.. but that might also be why I have so MUCH in my closet. So easy to DIY the punk embellishment bit! Can’t wait to see how your experiment turns out.


  2. word! for me fashion is a world where I can dream, some kind of fairy tale where trends invoke my imagination. that has nothing to do with my style though. it hasn’t changed for more than two years and for some time it was very hard for me to buy any clothes I liked since they weren’t in trend and nowhere to be found. things have changed a bit I feel… the past seasons the variety of trends is much wider so almost anyone can find something within he’s style.

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