Things my boyfriend doesn’t like

My boyfriend doesn’t like a lot of things. Sometimes I wonder what the FCUK he does like. He doesn’t like beer – it smells. He doesn’t like vinegar – it smells. He doesn’t like plaid or tartan in any shape or form – it’s ugly. He doesn’t like the colour yellow. He doesn’t like gorgonzola because it smells, except when it’s melting on a pizza, of course. (Have you noticed how people can’t stand tomatoes or ham or mushrooms but on a slice of pizza everything goes?) He doesn’t like the sun when it’s shining directly upon his face. According to him, the best time to take a swim in the sea is when it’s just about to rain, not kidding you. Maybe that’s where his ardent hatred towards yellow comes from since the sun is – yellow. Oh, and I mustn’t forget: he also doesn’t like wine – its smells. But the point of this post is that he doesn’t like some of my fashion choices as well. Go figures.

Nude/sheer fishtail shirt – H&M

His comment: “That’s something my grandma would wear.” Really? Pair that with some black leather pants, red booties and a parka – you’ve got some stylish grandma right there.

Cherry swimsuit – eBay

His comment: “That’s something my grandma would wear.” I … have no comment.

Oxford shoes – Deichmann

His comment: “Are you trying to be Charlie Chaplin or something?” I’m going to charliechaplin you right in your scrotum, you’ll see who’s the man then.

Jumpsuit – eBay

His comment: “That’s ugly.” Eh, he’s just lucky I’m getting it remade into a pair of pants … Although I don’t think he’ll like them any better. “You’re right.”

To be continued … Trust me, there’s more.



12 responses to “Things my boyfriend doesn’t like

  1. He’s a DJ and I know for a fact DJs have certain clothes in their closets they wouldn’t like for anyone to see. 😉

  2. hehe huda objava, je tud mene nasmejala. Te pa razumem, tud jzt poslušam pikre na določene kose v moji omari in komentar se velikokrat glasi isto – “to je nekaj kar bi moja babi nosila”. Kaj čmo, pač ne razumejo nekaterih stvari 🙂

  3. This is hilarious.. I write about fashion my boyfriend can’t stand all the time, as well. For the longest time he’d nix any maxi anything I put on, and then finally, one day he said, “I just like to see your legs.” wtf.

    Luckily, high-low hemlines came out a month later.


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