We used to leave the blue lights on and there was a beat

This is not the usual outfit post.

This is my friend Tea. Look at her.

Such a fabulous person.

We drink coffee and mint syrup cocktails in the mornings and we can’t open the wine bottles in the evenings so we drink mint syrup cocktails also in the evenings.

This is actually the first time she ever wore that bag she had for months. Seriously – she cut off the price tag minutes before we went out.

She’s one of the few people that look disturbingly good wearing any shade of red lipstick.

She is, I kid you not, a zumba virtuoso.

She’s never thrown away any of her clothes since she was, I don’t know, like twelve. Ever.

She has this weird habit of blowing your mind away – just when you think you got her, she dip dyes her hair. Or tells you that she secretly wants to wear tights as pants. And she does – what I said before about drinking coffee with her – she usually does that wearing sheer tights and a t-shirt. I like that mornings.



Wearing: H&M top//ASOS wet-look leggings//H&M necklace//Topshop shoes//H&M hat//River Island neon purse//ebay striped backpack


6 responses to “We used to leave the blue lights on and there was a beat

  1. Hey Cheryl – this is Tea – don’t hate me, I’m not that rad, hehe – the shoes are mine and this blog has a shared custody 😀 I understand it gets kind of confusing. We are two friends Hana and Tea and every wednesday guest blogger Peet joins in. So you are actually reading blogs made by 3 different people. This one up here was made by perfect miss Hana and it’s about me *blush*. The one with shoes was made by me. About me 😀 Hope I didn’t complicate things even more.


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