Who Will Off the Evil Queen?

Yesterday was movie night and it was my boyfriend’s turn to choose a movie. Much to my surprise, he picked Snow White and the Huntsman. Come to think about it, it was the logical next step after having watched Mirror Mirror some time ago (his choice as well, go figure).

I’m not going to go into details about how gorgeous Charlize Theron is and that there’s no way any mirror would confuse her for the second most beautiful human being and chose Kristen Stewart over her. Or that Snow White and Frodo have to be some kind of (distant) cousins because 75 percent of the movie, all you get from both of them are gloomy, scared and dazed eyes. Somewhere after an hour, I started to ponder over an idea that this is in fact a socio-critical movie. Maybe the thought sprung into my head because of all the wine I’d drank or maybe it’s true, I don’t know, but bear with me. The evil queen is so desperate to look beautiful, just because she was once hurt by a man. And it seems that’s a mirror reflection of our beauty obsessed society – of women obsessed with beauty to please a guy, to meet certain standards according to male’s perspective. I know we all want to look beautiful or at least our best, but how much of our efforts is based on somebody else’s expectations and how much do we actually do it for ourselves?

In the end, the evil queen gets killed by Snow White or in other words the skin deep beauty gets brutally murdered by the inner beauty. It seems that noble beauty coming from within can only prevail in fairytales. Or movies based on fairytales. In real life, we have yet to see an internally beautiful princess slay the evil beauty queen. But do you know what I say? Off with her head!!



Photos by the always lovely Hana – muchas cracias!!;)

Scarf: H&M//Leather jacket: Newyorker// Leather short: H&M// Polka dot top: H&M//Suspender tights: House of Holland (eBay)//Boots: Bershka//Bag: eBay//Earrings: Accessories//Sunglasses: H&M


12 responses to “Who Will Off the Evil Queen?

  1. Hey! I just can’t help myself – I could eat your legs! They are so super hot in this tights…

    Love from Poland!

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