Fashion Is So Shallow

I don’t quite understand why, but somewhere along the way fashion started rubbing shoulders with words like cunt and racism – it became a bad, bad word. Among the so called “non-fashion” people though. It’s as if it became a synonym for superficiality. A leper, who should be exiled to an isolated island far, far away and left to die.

Just because you wear sneakers, worn jeans and stretched T-shirts at 35, it doesn’t mean that you’re too cool to care and that what you’re wearing isn’t fashion. It’s still fashion, except that it could be labeled as bad fashion according to some. I personally like jeans and sneaks, but I wouldn’t wear them every freaking day and be buried in them. Sticking to the same routine day in and day out just shows your lack of imagination and not that you don’t care or aren’t shallow. Let’s be frank, everybody cares, that’s why you have more than one T-shirt in your closet. And what’s more, EVERYBODY has something that they would NEVER wear – that means, like it or not, that you too care to some extent, point blank.

Thinking that people who like fashion are shallow and pretentious is just as thinking that doctors can’t have tattoos or saying that you can’t be a rocker if you aren’t an alcoholic. I think that shallow is judging a book by its cover just because that cover looks better than you. Basically, that’s what fashion is – it’s a cover, but the book still holds some pretty amazing content 99,9 % of the time, I guarantee you, so it’s you who’s too superficial to notice. I like fashion and fashionistas and fashion blogs and fashion victims and fashion crimes and fashiony fashion thingies. Among other things, of course. I also like pizza and skiing and Dali and all animals in the animal kingdom and summer and travelling and the color blue and green and all of the other colors, except brown. I also like to write, that’s why I type down something to accompany the pictures I post every week. But that’s solely my preference and not any kind of judgment. Write, take pictures, play dress up, knit, start a band, I’m all for it. I, unlike some people, support and welcome any kind of creativity and departure from the status quo. Not because it’s fashionable to say “live and let live”, but because I truly believe in those words; and am just as passionately convinced that you shouldn’t judge while you’re at it.

All things fashion or not, let me remind you: when something is popular, it doesn’t automatically mean that it’s bad, it just means that a lot of people think it’s good.


Love this video. Fashion, creativity, beauty – what’s wrong with that?

Jacket: Newyorker// Crop top: Newyorker + DIY// White shirt: H&M// Jeans: Clark// Scarf: Kleo// Sneakers: eBay// Bag: eBay// Mirror aviators: C&A// Claw bracelet: eBay

Yet again, pics are taken by our favorite in-house photographer Hana. Thank you, babe, for an amazing job!


4 responses to “Fashion Is So Shallow

  1. Imagine then, a person taking part in plethora of hobbies that seemingly don’t go together. I’m making it out now – this person sings in a local choir (full of old people, and this person is an adolescent), dresses in colors and is all for fashion, listens to loud music, has a tattoo, etc. All in all, this person is a definition of “a style confused”. Would you still call it “cool” and go for it? 😛

  2. Couldn’t agree more!
    Fashion is getting a sort od bad reputation and people, who like to dress up are called snobs or, my favourite, people who want to stand out. The horror! When did standing out became a crime and why is it better just to blend in? Haters and dislikers!

    • I’m definitely not for mediocrity, but if you want to stand out or bland in – it’s all up to you. Just don’t be a miserable meanie. I’m not a fan of haters in general – but then again who is, right??

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