Hurry Up!

Yesterday I took my grandfather for a check up at the doctor’s. Of course, when we got there, the waiting room was packed. If you’re working with sick people or are somehow making money off them, you don’t have to worry about recession – the world will never run out of patients. Sadly.

We sat down and I looked around the room: a cheerful group of middle-aged to elderly faces, all smiles and kind words. No. Far from it. All I saw was a bunch of grumpy, nagging and anxious grandpas and grandmas. Why are those people always in a hurry?? They don’t have to go straight back to work, when they’re done, and they aren’t late for their child’s soccer game or violin lesson, so why all the fuss? I guess the need to always live in haste is just a residue from their old (or better yet young) self. Adolescent, adult, senior, doesn’t matter – human beings in general are impatient, we have no time to stand or sit and wait around. Even when we have nowhere else to be. We have no problem sitting through a Lord of the Rings Trilogy matinee on a Saturday afternoon, but to wait 15 minutes at a cashier’s desk in a grocery store or half an hour at a bank or 2 hours in a waiting room at a doctor’s office, now that’s outrageous!

At the moment my butt’s comfortably parked at home, so it’s easy for me to be calm and to rationalise, but I’m the most impatient person I know. Everything planned for tomorrow should have happened yesterday, because doing things now this very second is already too late. So imagine how thrilled I was after 1,5 hours of sitting in the waiting room, leafing through the only magazine I’d brought with me for the 7th time and waiting for my grandfather to finally finish, when the office door opened, a beam of light cut through the eternal queuing darkness and he walked out like a messiah, ready to set me free. But wait – who was there behind him? A nurse, who shoved a prescription in my hands. “Get this filled immediately, because he has to take them now.” Sweet.

In my opinion (or should I say according to my experience, because it’s a matter of fact, not just opinion), the lines at the pharmacy are the mother of all queues. There can be 5 counters, but only one will work with one pharmacist behind it. The other 7 of her or his co-workers will stock the shelves or alphabetize the medicines or color coordinate them, I don’t know. Even if there were 27 counters and all of them were working, you’d still have to wait in line, because those people don’t have a fast bone in their body. And they all see you. They all see that there is a queue forming and that there’s a growing number of people piercing them with their stares. But to no avail.

How many pharmacists does it take to fill a prescription in one day?

a)      One.

b)      Seven.

c)       To infinity and beyond!

d)      The exact number is still unknown, because it hasn’t happened yet.

I think it’s all of the above added together and then multiplied by 100.000n.

But those people are smart and/or educated, mind you! So I’m positive that it has nothing to do with their abilities or lack thereof nor is it about laziness because the Faculty of Pharmacy is no breeze and to finish it takes dedication. Lots and lots of dedication. If you ask me, they just resent the fact that they have to work at the counter after all of their hard work and long hours spent studying. That’s why they’ve secretly decided and agreed collectively to mess with the rest of us and do everything at the exact opposite of the speed of light. Doctors have the Hippocratic Oath, but pharmacists have the Letspissthesefuckersoff Oath. WikiLeaks just hasn’t released it yet.

In spite the fact I had nowhere to go yesterday, I was still impatiently waiting at the pharmacy for it to be my turn and the kind (and they are, pharmacists are ALWAYS kind) lady would give me my grandpa’s medicine. I had to wait a few minutes, but it seemed like several hours to me. But who’s got it wrong? The people who never have a second to spare or the people who have all the time in the world? The people whose nervous system will deteriorate by the time they’re 40 or the people who keep their cool and their nerves? Time’s only a matter of perspective, really.

wednesday's pity party for less popular 5

wednesday's pity party for less popular 1

wednesday's pity party for less popular 2

wednesday's pity party for less popular 4

Beanie: H&M//Parka: eBay//Sunglasses: C&A//Leggings: H&M//Cardigan: H&M (men)//T-shirt: Newyorker//Wedges: eBay

The photos were once again taken by … You guessed it – Hana! You can see a glimpse of her in one of them, just like the last time. Many thanks, H!

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6 responses to “Hurry Up!

  1. haha zakon napisano, se strinjam da smo ljudje ratal precej nepotrpezljivi, samo vrste pri zdravnikih in v lekarnah so pa res obupno predolge! 🙂 pa super outfit!:)

  2. večina zaposlenih v lekarni je tehnikov in ne dipl. farmacevtov. tehniki po zakonu ne smejo izdajati zdravil.. 😉 i like the parka! 🙂

    • I think all of the employees at the pharmacy I usually go to have mag. written on their tag. But I better check that next time I go and not just nag, tnx for the heads up!;)

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