Things My Boyfriend Doesn’t Like Part 2

If you read the first TMBDL post and thought that there couldn’t be more to that list, you couldn’t be more wrong.

Along with all of the things mentioned in the first post, he also doesn’t like dog hair. He dislikes them in his soup, on his toothbrush, in his car and, of course, on his clothes. My dog just so happens to be white. And my boyfriend’s favourite colour is … White? Wrong again. It’s black. Ebony and ivory might live together in perfect harmony if you ask Paul and Stevie, but they don’t know squat. My boyfriend goes trough rolls of sticky paper like there’s no tomorrow, trying to accomplish the impossible really. Ever seen a crack addict’s dazed stare full of pain when he realizes that there’s no more of that good stuff and the magic is gone? The agony in my boyfriend’s eyes is far greater when the last strip is covered in dog hair and what’s gone is the stickiness.

Another thing, which really irks him, is a crowded beach – we always have to find a perfect spot that’s just our own when we want to go take a swim and that can take hours. Ok, I’m exaggerating, but when waddling about in scorching sun minutes seem like years, not just hours! Imagine spending your vacation on Ibiza where there’s people EVERYWHERE. There’re at least 3 people you don’t know in your shower when you first walk into your hotel room, so try finding an isolated spot there.

for peet's sake gemetric print leggings 2

for peet's sake geometric print leggings studded doc martens

He also doesn’t like these leggings. “Am I in high school or something?? It’s like I’m in a math class all over again!” Little geometry never hurt nobody, but I, on the other hand, can evoke pain, so watch it …

You can find more pics here.


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