Christmas has to be about something…


…and that’s why we decided we absolutely have to treat you guys with something special and close to our hearts. A couple of weeks ago we were pretty busy as some of you can remember (and the others can read about it here) and our merry bells weren’t the only thing we created. We also made a couple of Christmas prints. We were a bit late for launching them into this world as Christmas cards, but it would be a shame for them to go to waste. Actually, if I am perfectly honest, we already made plans and called dibs on our favorite ones and made plans how we would put them on our walls and brag about it to our friends and family, but then… then we thought we should really give something to our readers! And what would be more perfect than a baby made out of our imagination + sweat + hard work?

So that is why we are proud to announce our first (and hopefully not last) G I V E A W A Y ! We will pick out TWO lucky winners and each will receive a pack of 3 prints, handmade by Hana and Tea from PITYPARTYFORLESSPOPULAR. We won’t be too demanding, so all we want for you to do is:

  • Like our Facebook page here   and
  • Write a comment on our blog under this post

That’s it folks! So if you want a piece of our art in your room… you know what to do 🙂



17 responses to “Christmas has to be about something…

  1. I want, I want, I want! Upam, da dobim, ker so res kjuti. Pa še pohvalila se bom lahko s prvo edicijo grafik PPFLP. 😛

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