Nobody can really say for sure how much do common interest bound people together. Ok, for example, our pity party, we have loads of stuff in common, but there are also loads of views of all kind what we don’t share. Thank god, right? We’re still a great match. And let’s take my boyfriend. First of all, he’s not a fan of social networking of any kind, blogging and people freely offering bits of their private lives to the vast internet surface. Considering this, the post that you’re reading right now may not pass his strict filter and it may be published just for an hour or a day…

Let’s take movies – I’m a not a big fan of Stanley Kubrick, with all due respect to his work. Something about his movies bothers me in a way I can’t explain. Maybe it’s the fact that I was at my sweet sixteens’ when I first heard of his movies, starting with Clockwork Orange which is, coincidentally, my boyfriend’s favourite. And I didn’t find it that great as I was told that it was. Come to think of it, I found it highly disturbing, considering that I’m so easily influenced by some movies that the disturbing scenes haunt me for months after I’ve seen them. The second time I bumped into Kubrick was when I watched The Space Odeyssay 2001.

Surprisingly that flick too was not my cup of tea.


I’m not even getting into details about our taste in music, but the story is similar and with few exceptions it’s safe to say that we don’t share one.

So you could understand my surprise when we both discovered that there is actually something that we both love to wear! And it’s pretty specific. I guess by now you’ve already figured out what it is, if not, I suggest you look for hints scrolling down this post. Also it was the perfect timing because Doc’s official facebook page is right now searching for best photos with Docs styles, and five lucky winners are getting a pair of Docs. Enter here if you dare!






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