Breakfast of champions

Be warned – on these photos I am in my “total-lack-of-posing” mood. I felt a bit bad-ass that day. A bit like some sort of a rocker. You know, like drinking whiskey at 10am and smoking cigarets with no care in the whole wide world, while your tour bus, with your band on it, is driving away without you and you’re not even aware of it. Not that it would bother you. Like that crazy 70’s rock feeling. Breakfast of champions (and you know I don’t mean the one Vonnegut is talking about, but rather the one Jagger ate before his eggs and bacon), groupies and all that shit. So that’s why I didn’t feel like taking photos and it does actually show on the pictures. Sooo…. I tried to fool you guys by adding these little phallus men around me. Hope you are fooled.

Press PLAY and enjoy!








Wearing: Max Mara coat//Fishbone dip-dye jeans//H&M shirt//Dr Martens boots//Ray Ban shades


21 responses to “Breakfast of champions

    • Hey!
      Thanks! This time I really had quite some work while picking out the right photos. That “laid back expression” was really really rare amongst all the photos that we took and didn’t work out at all. Oh well..I guess this was my “photo-taking block” 😉

  1. Love your jeans!
    And Almost Famous is SUCH an amazing movie, one of my all time favorites. It really makes me want to just rent a van and tour the States with my band, just like them.

    xo Sootjeelina

  2. Ive already commented on this post, but i just wanted to say thanks for your comment reply! and have a new post up featuring the dress again and i talked about the quality of it and everything so that might answer your questions! but thats sad about your friends wedding dress 😦

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