A few days ago we realized,

that this exact post,

which you are reading right now,



We thought about it for a while because we wanted to make it special. And how else could we do it, but to celebrate this milestone with you guys and offer you a small “thank you” for reading us, following us and checking out the shit we put in the vast eternity of the internet.
Soooo..let’s see what we prepared for you!






Yes! You guessed it! It is a set of three funky rings, made by pityparty especially for you! You can wear them all together, or you can wear them separately – whatever suits you best!


…there is always a but! 🙂

You have to follow two simple steps:

  • Like our page on Facebook. You can find us by clicking HERE.
  • Leave a comment under this post and tell us what you think of our blog 😉

The giveaway will end on 1.3.2012 at noon a.k.a. 12:00. Our noon. Slovenian noon. Google it 😉


16 responses to “GIVEAWAY

  1. Lep blog (in prekrasna Anne Hathaway frizura, Hana!;)), ampak ko sem prvič videla logo, sem mislila, da je Piti Party Por Les Popular:))) vseakor zelo kreativno ime.

  2. I love your blog! I think both your styles are great and unique which can also be said about the content. I love how you combine humor and constructive criticism. It’s always a great pleasure to read your posts!

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