This eating stuff is HARD work!

Well, from time to time, as you can see, we find the perfect excuse to spend money on expensive food (it was a manly-man-birthday bash) and have sinful fun until we all drop half-dead on the couch, pretending we are all watching a movie, but really secretly falling asleep. This time we went all in, making dirty, dirty love to the food and wine. It was in fact quite dirty. That’s because we are really good cooks but sloppy cleaning ladies. But who cares about the dirty dishes, when you’ve got all those goodie goods on the table!

A little tip: Just turn your back to the sink and it all magically disappears 😉


13 6 10 12 11 25

7 4 8 9

This time wearing all over our shirts:

smoked salmon mousse with toasted bread // filled champignons with feta cheese, shallots and béchamel sauce // the best motherfucking sirloin stake there is, with prosciutto and sage // baked potato with yoghurt and shallots sauce // dumpling with indian nuts and feta cheese // cheesecake sent from the above accompanied with strawberry sauce that dripped from angel trumpets while they played the songs of heaven


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