Eternal nothingness is fine if you happen to be dressed for it

It’s been precisely a month and a half since our last post and we owe you an explanation. If not an explanation at least a short walkthroug our days and weeks that we know we should be posting by all means but we were doing something else instead.

Here’s what:

MC Teden Mode: Modna vstaja//20. – 25. 5. 2013

Untitled-1PPFLP joined the team to organise the fashion event in our hometown and this has been a time consuming project #1 ever since, but we absolutely love to be a part of it! It’s supposed to be a week to remeber, full of fashion events and with two great fashion shows for the week’s finale. Read more about it here.

New kid on the block^^

215232_10151540194342870_1866324391_nSay hello to our Japanese princess Yumi. Tea’s got herself a brand new sweetheart Yumi, the cutest, cuddliest whippet there is. Caution: few sharp teeth. But just look at those eyes!

(actually they’re saying “I’m gonna eat your nose in a moment”)

Yumi & Leni being all lovey dovey.


Yumi & Tea being all lovey dovey.


Even Yumi & Hana are being all lovey dovey.


We ❤ spring time

DSCN8013Not to neglect our other Japanese princess Mei that is getting lost in a brasilian rainforest the nature seems to be getting to be like day by day.


430204_548347488550562_732290945_nWe’ve also attended this beautiful event on the rooftop of Ljubljana’s old townhouse. Our fellow bloggers Lavivavera organised good time with quite a few second-hand clothing choices. Macaroons and cake-pops included. Also drinking lemonade from the jar like good hipsters should. Check out the rest of the photos here.

IMG02922-20130510-2014And we’ve also attended Philips Fashion Week Ljubljana and act like a true glitteraties.

A kind of blue

True-Cobalt-BlueDeveloped a certain cobalt blue obsession.

Brie, Camembert, Roquefort, Reblochon

923003_10200738746926425_1643639073_nVisited Paris and discovered that cheese can be a comfort food aswell.

Eat, pray, love

tea1and lots of work, they forgot to mention..


…with lots of coffee breaks.

quote in the title by Mr. Woodie Allen


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